Meet Our Team

12 Team Members
  • Kelsey Soukup

    Kelsey Soukup

    Executive Director

    As the executive director of ARTisan, Kelsey oversees the daily operations of our office while personally helping Dr. Tendler keep organized.

  • Dr. Alison Tendler

    Dr. Alison Tendler

    Ophthalmologist Surgeon

    Dr. Alison Tendler, our board-certified ophthalmologist surgeon, is dedicated to helping patients see their best and feel confident about their look.

  • Megan Sage, CNP

    Megan Sage, CNP

    Certified Nurse Practitioner

    An experienced certified nurse practitioner, Megan practices in both the aesthetic and vision fields, helping patients to see clearly and feel great.

  • Sarah Shay

    Sarah Shay

    Ophthalmic Assistant

    Sarah Shay is an ophthalmic assistant who helps Dr. Tendler by performing preliminary eye function tests and preparing patients for vision surgery.

  • Melissa Vogel

    Melissa Vogel

    Aesthetic Coordinator

    Melissa Vogel is the aesthetic coordinator at Artisan Skin & Laser Center who provides a welcoming atmosphere to everyone that visits our facility.

  • Brittany Rotert, RN

    Brittany Rotert, RN

    Registered Nurse

    A talented registered nurse, Brittany helps patients feel at ease by helping them prepare for and recover from cataract, glaucoma, or vision surgery.

  • Anna Thvedt

    Anna Thvedt

    Patient and Client Ambassador

    Anna is a patient and client ambassador who ensures our patients have an outstanding experience each time they visit.

  • Lisa Jurgens

    Lisa Jurgens

    Ophthalmic Technician

    Lisa is a certified ophthalmic technician who works closely with Dr. Tendler to help diagnose and treat patients.

  • Janell Powell, M.D.

    Janell Powell, M.D.

    Board-Certified Physician

    Dr. Janell Powell is a board-certified physician who has extensive experience in skin care and nonsurgical aesthetics. Our team is proud to have her.

  • Lana Olshove, RN

    Lana Olshove, RN

    Registered Nurse

    As a registered nurse, Lana's skill and expertise are appreciated at Artisan Skin & Laser Center where she specializes in skin care and injectables.

  • Melissa Eich, RN

    Melissa Eich, RN

    Registered Nurse

    A registered nurse at Artisan Skin & Laser Center, Melissa assists patients in achieving their skin care goals using minimally invasive solutions.

  • Julie Falor

    Julie Falor

    Patient/Client Ambassador

    Julie works hard to create a positive atmosphere and experience for each patient/client who visits our office.