ARTisan Insider Guest Blog: Megan's BBL Experience

Megan Sage, CNP | 04/15/2021

Follow along as ARTisan Insider Influencer Megan details her BBL Experience


Red in the Face: Understanding Rosacea and Options for Treatment

Megan Sage, CNP | 03/28/2021

Learn about the types of rosacea, avoiding triggers, and options for treatment.


What is Retinol and Why is it Important?

Megan Sage, CNP | 02/22/2021

Discover the benefits of retinol and how it can help you achieve glowing skin.


Medical-Grade Chemical Peels: Brighten Up Dull, Lifeless Skin

Megan Sage, CNP | 01/11/2021

Learn how chemical peels can help with a variety of skin conditions.


Aesthetician Anna's ARTisan Skin and Laser Holiday Gift Guide

Anna Thvedt | 11/23/2020

Aesthetician Anna shares her favorite gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season!


Facing the Facts of Aging: Understanding Neuromodulators

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/11/2020

Learn about neuromodulators and how they can diminish the appearance of aging.


Remnants of Summer--Hyperpigmentation

Megan Sage, CNP | 10/02/2020

Learn about the various types of hyperpigmentation along with treatment options.


Acne and its Aftermath: Can Damage be Prevented or Reversed?

Megan Sage, CNP | 06/12/2020

Find out some of the ways to treat and prevent active breakouts and scarring


Celebration + Hydration = A Healthy 4th of July

Dr. Alison Tendler | 02/01/2018

Staying hydrated is essential for life as every cell, organ, and system in your body requires it in order to function properly.


My BBL Experience

Dr. Alison Tendler | 08/04/2017

One of our wonderful Artisan patients details her experience with the BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment she received in our Sioux Falls office.


Summer Skin Care

Dr. Alison Tendler | 06/16/2017

As the days grow longer and temperatures rise, it’s important to consider the effects of the sun on your skin.


Hair Restoration with Micro-Needling and PRP Therapy

Dr. Alison Tendler | 05/05/2017

The team at Artisan takes you through some of the most frequently asked questions about Collagen Induction Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma.


Jowls, Juggernaut, and Rescue!

Dr. Alison Tendler | 03/21/2017

This 6th decade has cursed me with the onset of JOWLS! Let's talk about my jowls and how ThermiSmooth has come to the rescue.


Skin Laxity: What Causes It? How Can We Treat It?

Dr. Alison Tendler | 03/02/2017

Skin laxity is something everyone will face at some point in their life due to the natural aging process.


Do You Feel the Signs of Aging?

Dr. Alison Tendler | 01/27/2017

ThermiSmooth is a new tightening technology driven by the science of heat and uses a regulated radiofrequency.


Lip Fillers - I love them - Naturally!

Dr. Alison Tendler | 12/09/2016

Recently Dr. Tendler asked me what my favorite service was that I’ve done at Artisan Skin and Laser Center. Without skipping a beat I said “My lips!”


What are Neurotoxins and How do They Work?

Dr. Alison Tendler | 11/16/2016

The term neurotoxin can be daunting.  So, we are taking this opportunity to dispel a few myths you may have heard about neurotoxins. 


From Epidermis Idiot to Skin Care Savant

Dr. Alison Tendler | 10/18/2016

Our Artisan Skin and Laser Center client talks about finding the right products for him after a skin analysis in our Sioux Falls office.


My Kybella Experience

Dr. Alison Tendler | 09/28/2016

An Artisan Skin and Laser Center patient gives her review of the Kybella treatment she received for submental fat in our Sioux Falls office.


The Afterglow of our Annual Appreciation Event

Dr. Alison Tendler | 09/23/2016

This year, we wanted to celebrate our clients in the best way we know how: fun, food, friends and fabulous prizes.


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