2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/29/2021

Still searching for the perfect gift? We have ideas for everyone on your list!


A Fresh Start for Fall: Megan's Halo Experience (Part 2)

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/01/2021

Learn about the recovery process from ARTisan Skin and Laser Center's CNP, Megan!


A Fresh Start for Fall: Megan's Halo Experience (Part 1)

Megan Sage, CNP | 10/03/2021

Learn about the Halo process from our provider Megan Sage, CNP's own personal experience!


Bad Soap: How Medical-Grade Skincare Helps you Look and Feel your Best.

Megan Sage, CNP | 08/27/2021

ARTisan Insider Influence Heath discusses his experience with medical-grade skincare or lack thereof!


ARTisan Influencer Guest Blog: Megan's Filler Experience

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/30/2021

ARTisan Influencer Megan discusses her experience, and why she is a filler fan!


AIM Higher: ARTisan Insider Membership

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/26/2021

Hear from a current AIM member about the benefits of being an Insider!


CoolSculpting: A Patient's Perspective

Megan Sage, CNP | 07/12/2021

Learn about the process of CoolSculpting from a patient's point of view.


Sunscreen: How to Make Sure You Are Properly Protected

Anna Malcolm | 06/17/2021

Aesthetician Anna discusses the details behind sunscreen.


Aging Skin: Introducing Morpheus8 to Rejuvinate and Refresh the Skin You're In

Megan Sage, CNP | 05/23/2021

Learn about Morpheus8 as an option to treat aging, sagging skin.


ARTisan Insider Guest Blog: Health's Halo Experience

Megan Sage, CNP | 04/26/2021

Follow along with our Insider Heath as he takes you through the Halo process.


ARTisan Insider Guest Blog: Megan's BBL Experience

Megan Sage, CNP | 04/15/2021

Follow along as ARTisan Insider Influencer Megan details her BBL Experience


Red in the Face: Understanding Rosacea and Options for Treatment

Megan Sage, CNP | 03/28/2021

Learn about the types of rosacea, avoiding triggers, and options for treatment.


What is Retinol and Why is it Important?

Megan Sage, CNP | 02/22/2021

Discover the benefits of retinol and how it can help you achieve glowing skin.


Medical-Grade Chemical Peels: Brighten Up Dull, Lifeless Skin

Megan Sage, CNP | 01/11/2021

Learn how chemical peels can help with a variety of skin conditions.


Aesthetician Anna's ARTisan Skin and Laser Holiday Gift Guide

Anna Malcolm | 11/23/2020

Aesthetician Anna shares her favorite gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season!


Facing the Facts of Aging: Understanding Neuromodulators

Megan Sage, CNP | 11/11/2020

Learn about neuromodulators and how they can diminish the appearance of aging.


Remnants of Summer--Hyperpigmentation

Megan Sage, CNP | 10/02/2020

Learn about the various types of hyperpigmentation along with treatment options.


Acne and its Aftermath: Can Damage be Prevented or Reversed?

Megan Sage, CNP | 06/12/2020

Find out some of the ways to treat and prevent active breakouts and scarring


Celebration + Hydration = A Healthy 4th of July

Dr. Alison Tendler | 02/01/2018

Staying hydrated is essential for life as every cell, organ, and system in your body requires it in order to function properly.


My BBL Experience

Dr. Alison Tendler | 08/04/2017

One of our wonderful Artisan patients details her experience with the BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment she received in our Sioux Falls office.


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