ARTisan Influencer Guest Blog: Megan's Filler Experience

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Hi Artisan Fans! This is Megan Sengos of @advantures.together popping in again to give you an update about the fabulous new treatments I’ve had the opportunity to try over the past month or two. Let’s talk filler!

So, let’s be honest, when Megan Sage (my Artisan guru!) first approached me with the idea of fillers for my mid-face, I was hesitant and skeptical. In consideration of that, the staff made sure to take plenty of time for education and discussion of benefits and risks. I quickly became more at ease. The risk/reward ratio seemed to be definitely in the “reward” category, so I booked my appointment! 

Before the injections, Megan walked me through the process of each injection and explained how it would feel, and what it would ultimately do-which was spot on with what I experienced.  She explained that I may feel light headed, and that was normal.  Being a person that’s always experienced lightheadedness with blood donation, I wasn’t surprised when I felt lightheaded as the process started.  Megan proceeded to walk me through it and had strategies to help. The whole process took only about twenty minutes and was uncomfortable, but not quite “painful”. 

My skepticism with filler disappeared completely when Megan held up a mirror and showed me with filler in one cheek versus without in the other. Without being “puffy”, I felt my face looked more youthful, healthy, and balanced.  It was also subtle enough that my appearance didn’t look altered-which is something I really appreciate! We then moved on to lip filler. I was more worried this would make me look like a stereotypical “Beverly Housewife”-but it is now the treatment I love the most! After a few days, the swelling disappeared (I’ll admit, that first day or two I felt a little embarrassed with how big my lips looked and felt!), and they now are perfectly full without being dramatic. Megan knew how to add just the right amount to improve upon my natural appearance in a way that still makes me look and feel like myself. Another great benefit: filler lasts up to twelve months!  Skeptic no more-this is a treatment, for me, that’s here to stay! 


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