Bad Soap: How Medical-Grade Skincare Helps you Look and Feel your Best.

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Bad Soap.

It’s like bad wine, or bad chicken. None of them are even remotely good for you. The bad wine gives you a headache, the chicken sends your tummy into fits and the bad soap makes your skin wish it had a trip to a beach paradise complete with umbrella drinks, ocean breezes and endless tropical buffets. 

My Dad has used Irish Spring or Zest soap since I was a child. Now, I’m 47, and as my Dad nears 80, I’ve done everything in my power to change his habits. Old habits die hard. Or, not at all. Zest lives in my parents’ shower.

The Revision line of skin care is my jam. I love the way the Papaya cleanser leaves my face feeling refreshed and the Retinol and DEH Night lotion resets my skin overnight.  In the morning, the Revision Vitamin C, followed by their eye cream, face lotion and sunscreen leaves my face ready for just about anything.

Anything, that is, but Zest soap. On a recent trip home, I forgot my skin care regimen in a bag on my bathroom vanity. EMERGENCY. 911. What could I do? I had just rolled out of bed, my hair was every which way from Sunday, It was 7:00am and I wasn’t about to go a day without a shower. I took a breath and made the plunge. I used Zest. How bad could it be?


I got out of the shower and dried off, and it felt like my towel came away with the top layer of my face. Immediately, by skin seized up super tight and I felt like a walking advertisement for one of those tape on facelift kits that you run around your head that pulls your skin so tight your wrinkles disappear. If I smiled, my face would surely crack. What had I done? Also, how did my Dad endure this craziness day after day? Desperate for some sort of relief, I knew my Mom had to have a stash of some lotion that made her skin so soft. 

I rummaged through the drawers of her side of the vanity and found some high-quality products that served as a bridge until I rolled into my house later that day. I couldn’t help but think I’d set myself back even missing one day of my Revision Skincare routine. 

Y’all…Skin care is no joke. Zest is BAD. Give your body’s largest organ a break and feed it with medical grade skin care. If you know, you know. If you are still a skeptic, read on!

Aside from the terror I felt when my skin reacted the way it did post bar soap incident, I knew my face was healing from years of misuse with just a few months of high-quality skin care products. When I first started my process of healing my skin, I was sure skeptical. I mean….I’m a dude. Did I REALLLLLLY need to add skincare products and lotions to my morning/evening “brush and flush” routine?

Boy, did I! The skincare I added takes hardly any additional time to my nightly and morning routine. A quick douse of warm water, a gentle lather with the Papaya cleanser followed by a little dab of retinol, followed by a night lotion and then I’m in bed. Four minutes TOPS. The morning is even faster, with my cleanser in the shower, followed by the Vitamin C, eye cream and a daily lotion and sunscreen…2 minutes, and I’m out the door. Coming back home to my routine was like walking into a snuggly warm blanket. My skin was thankful and so was I.

Dad still thinks Zest is where all soaps begin and end. DO NOT be my Dad. Give your skin a break. I promise you, your skin will thank you, and you will LOVE the way your skin looks and feels after even a week of regular use!

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