Beauty at all Ages

Beauty at every age

When you look in the mirror, you want to see the best version of yourself possible. Taking care of your skin can help you with this goal. When we see gorgeous skin and a healthy glow, we automatically feel more confident and poised. Yet, to maintain healthy skin through the decades, our skin care routine needs adjustment. It is true that basic regimens followed in our twenties need to be carried over to every decade, but it is also essential to tweak these regimens to meet your skin’s changing needs. Adjust your skin care practices, and maintain your freshest look possible through the decades!

In our twenties

It’s tempting to skip essential skin-care steps when we already have great skin.  But our twenties is the decade in which we should be protecting and preserving our skin to avoid premature aging. This means creating healthy practices that should be followed for life, including cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  Cleansing rids your skin of makeup, oil, or any other built up debris from the day, while toning removes any extra debris or dead skin cells left over that dull your complexion. Not only does thoroughly removing makeup prevent acne problems, it also reduces the possibility of makeup trapping free radicals against your skin leading to premature wrinkles. Facial moisturizer rich in antioxidants is also recommended, as the antioxidants neutralize free-radicals and counter the aging process. Lastly, the importance of protection from the sun can’t be reiterated enough. Sunscreen is a must every single day no matter your age, and applying it regularly will always be the best way you can protect your skin.

In our thirties and forties

These are the decades in which fine lines and wrinkles will begin to show as the cell-turnover rate naturally slows. It is also not unusual for your natural glow to diminish, especially if you had not been actively caring for your skin. Whether you are just beginning to take care of your skin, or always have been, you can take steps in your thirties to achieve the best skin possible. One suggestion is to add retinol into your regimen, if you haven’t already been using it in your twenties for preventative reasons. Retinol, which is another name for vitamin A, is effective in renewing skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles or lines. Those interested in the deep exfoliation route may find they benefit from chemical peels, our Crystal Free Microdermabrasion treatment, or HyrdoFacials, as they enhance the results of your at-home care. Those in their thirties or forties may also be interested in a number of our other aesthetic treatments, such as the laser treatments or neurotoxins and fillers. Our lasers promote skin rejuvenation and improve the health and overall appearance of your skin, while our injectables hide and slow the effects of aging.

In our fifties and beyond

If you are in your 50’s, you are likely going through menopause and experiencing hormonal shifts that slow down your sebum production- the naturally produced body oil that keeps our skin hydrated. When levels of sebum decrease, you will notice flakier, drier skin that becomes more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. This may mean that you need to switch out your cleanser and toner for products that are better suited for you. What was once right for your skin may become too harsh as your skin changes. Many women also notice crow’s feet or saggy skin around the eyes. An eye cream containing collagen boosters (retinoid, peptides, and exfoliating ingredients) will alleviate their appearance. Prescribed exfoliating treatments containing retinoids are another effective option, as they encourage cell turnover and boost collagen production. From 50, to 60, to 70, you may find that you do not need to drastically change your regimen, other than downshifting any products that may be too harsh for your sensitive skin.

These decades often bring deeper wrinkles and sagging skin. Even if you have been a life-long care taker of your skin, you will still notice some change due to further weakening of the collagen and elastin proteins. However, you can still help rebuild these protein levels and improve the appearance of your skin.  It’s all about tweaking your routine and adjusting it towards your current skin care needs.

At Artisan Skin and Laser Center, we develop a personalized skin-care plan with each of our clients. Our artisans are skin care professionals who can educate you on whether your regimen is right for you and suggest any adjustments to help you create or maintain the skin you’ve always dreamed of. We also offer many treatment options for you to pair with your skin care regimen, including facials, laser treatments, and injectables. Remember, it is about realistically setting goals and achieving the best skin possible for you through the years, no matter where you begin your skin health journey. Call the Artisans, and come in for a free consultation!

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