ARTisan Insider Guest Blog: Megan's BBL Experience

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As a self-proclaimed "tomboy" most of my youth, I loved sports, being outside, and anything involving the sunshine. When I was fortunate enough to win the Artisan Insider Influencer and a FREE(!) year of skincare and treatments, I had no clue what was involved in BBL, aka Broad Band Light treatment. I was excited for this new skincare journey, as all the years of sun exposure has taken a toll. I couldn't wait to remove some of the damage! 

When walking into Artisan, I was greeted warmly and felt entirely comfortable. The treatment was explained thoroughly. The BBL procedure itself was virtually painless and didn't take longer than 20 minutes. Immediately following the procedure, I felt no different than when I had walked in the door initially. My skin was minimally irritated; perhaps a little red on some of the bigger sun spots, but nothing people in passing would notice. I could still go on with most of my day (while being incredibly conscientious of sun exposure, so as to maximize results!). This was really helpful, because I don't have a choice- I'm a busy mom! 

The excitement of seeing the sunspots start to turn brown, then magically flake off- so rewarding and exciting! The years of damage can be slowly undone in a matter of days-which for me, makes it well worth the investment! I'm excited to see what's in store for next month! Thanks, Artisan!


XO, Megan

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