Moxi™: A Game-changer for the Laser Industry

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There are few game-changers in our world today. In the world of aesthetics, and particularly lasers, if you stay in the industry long enough, you are lucky to get to witness a few. For me, having been practicing this area of “ART” for over 15 years, I still get excited by the mix of science and ART that determines WHAT and WHY we select a certain technology for our clients. Truthfully, at the end of the day, most people care less about the science and more about the practicality. They want to know if it works, if it hurts, and how much downtime they will need. When improvements can be made in answering these three questions, THAT is where progress is seen. 

Moxi™ by Sciton® is the newest generation of fractionated lasers to enter the market. It works by the same concept as their Halo® (rolling across the treatment area while the laser creates channels in your skin–sort of like aerating your lawn). Where the Halo has two lasers firing at once, the Moxi has only one. The Halo can impact skin at a deeper level (upward of 800 microns), and more assertively, and be titrated for results. Moxi is more for superficial skin targeting and can treat to a depth of about 200 microns. There’s the science, but how does it impact you?

The lasers are truly made for two different types of clients taking into consideration many different needs.  

Need One: Speed of Treatment

Moxi is faster than Halo. Like, by a lot. It’s speedy and swift and we can laser multiple areas (face, neck, chest, hands) in less than 30 minutes!  This makes it easier for everyone involved! Its speed means that you can impact multiple areas while taking less time away from your work, family, or other commitments, minimizing inconvenience. 

Need Two:  Effectiveness of Treatment

If we are going to undergo a treatment, we want it to work, right? Afterall, time is money, and money is time. But after the time and money, if the technology is not meeting our needs, then it is pointless and wasteful. However, with speed and the inability to go as deep into the tissue there is a trade-off in effectivity. If you want those brown spots to fade, have an easier recovery experience, and want a beautiful glow (like that glow we all love from Halo!) then Moxi is for YOU. Moxi will still be effective for tone, texture, pore sizes, and very fine lines. 

To say this in another way, if you are older and do not like your deep lines and skin texture, you may prefer the results of a Halo to a Moxi. On the other hand, if your skin has minor textural issues, fine lines, melasma or pigment concerns, OR if you simply don’t want the downtime associated with Halo, then Moxi is for you. Your provider’s goal is to help guide you on the correct technology for you based on your concerns and desires. 

Need Three:  Less discomfort, please!

No one typically comes to us and hopes things are going to hurt. Many of us understand, in the world of medicine, and of aesthetics, that sometimes things have to have a little discomfort in order to work. Yes, we have come up with methods to make things less painful–topical numbing, ProNox, lidocaine in fillers, and distraction, but it is nice when a new laser, such as Moxi truly IS more comfortable! And with the speed of the treatment being so fast, any discomfort doesn’t last long!   

Need Four: Less downtime, please!

In my experience, the number one reason keeping people from lasers is the concept of “downtime”. Over the past years, there has been significant improvement in downtime associated with laser treatments. Older CO2 lasers often took 7 days of downtime or more. Halo improved upon that downtime and further still, with Moxi, most people will not even know you had anything done the next day.

My personal experience was very mild redness and minimal swelling the next day but I left for a business meeting 2 days later, and no one was the wiser. Your skin does need to heal - it MUST go through some type of regeneration process and these are called MENDs (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris). You get them with the Halo and you get them with the Moxi, Your face will feel like fine grit sandpaper, and as the MENDs get to the surface of the skin, they may feel a little bit rougher, but truly you never look “bad”. Depending upon your skin, this process can take from 3-6 days total. By the middle of my trip, my skin was glowy and awesome. I’m not just saying that…I loved it!

Now, a history lesson. My first laser (the Sciton TRL–Profractional) was MUCH more comfortable to have and heal from than CO2 lasers of the past. I performed CO2 on a client once in the early days of my career, and stated I would never do that to myself! The Sciton device was a game changer from that. Next came the Halo. Another game-changer. It was super effective, much faster, and with walking out the door like you merely had a sunburn vs being a splattered tomato? Wow! And now there is Moxi.  

Another way to state this: I would do a Halo once a year for maintenance, max. I would do a Moxi every 1-3 months due to its ease, speed (treatment and healing), and easy “downtime”. IF you have held from doing a laser in the past due to your busy personal and professional life–this laser is for you!  


To learn more about whether a Moxi laser treatment is right for you, contact the ARTisans at 605-371-7057.




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