What are Neurotoxins and How do They Work?

So you want to get rid of your wrinkles and not look over stressed?

Imagine smoother, younger skin with fewer wrinkles, bolder cheekbones and a look that matches the way you feel. Injectables are non-surgical facial treatments that can slow and hide the effects of aging. 

One category of Injectables are called neurotoxins. These are commonly used in areas of facial expression – crow’s feet, furrows between our browns and forehead lines. Neurotoxins work by inhibiting the contraction of your muscle in and around those “problem areas.” Neurotoxins are great for not only smoothing and diminishing lines but also for preventing the increased intensity of those lines as we age.  At Artisan Skin and Laser Center we offer Botox and Xeomin as neurotoxin options.

MYTH: The best time to schedule a neurotoxin appointment is when my expression lines appear. 

FACT: If you can get ahead of the formation of those expression lines, it may help you in the long run. We are seeing an increase in the use of neurotoxins by people who are trying to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Waiting until those expression lines become etched into your skin means it is more difficult to smooth their appearance again. 

By starting neurotoxins preventatively, your muscles can actually learn to not make certain expressions that can contribute to the worsening of your fine lines and wrinkles. Preventative measures may actually cause you to need less neurotoxin or need it less often. 

MYTH: If I stop having neurotoxin injections, it will make my wrinkles worse. 

FACT:  Eventually, if you discontinue the use of a neurotoxin, your wrinkles will just return to the way they were before. Neurotoxins will prevent your wrinkles from worsening if you keep up with your treatments. Once you stop, however, you will slowly lose the relaxing effect of the neurotoxin and will resume the normal development of wrinkles. 

MYTH: Neurotoxins are only for women

FACT: We are seeing an increase in men who are asking for neurotoxin treatment as early as in their 30s. Wrinkles can sometimes make men appear angry, not to mention older. Getting a neurotoxin treatment can help to soften up this look and help give men a more approachable appearance, which can help in relationships and business matters. Read more about neurotoxins for men on our previous blog (link to blog). 

How do Neurotoxins work?

Injections of botulinum toxin temporarily inhibit the nerve cells that signal specific muscles to contract, therefore weakening facial movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Once these muscles are weakened, you are still able to make facial expressions, but they are less exaggerated than before. The toxin molecule begins to block the connection between the nerves and the muscle within one minute of an injection and results will be seen as early as 7 days - full impact can be seen around 10-14 days. After 3-4 months, neurotoxins will need to be repeated as new nerves sprout connections to the muscles and begin to regain activity. Your body will also naturally metabolize the product and begin to break it down over time. As the communication to the muscle begins to come back, any lines and wrinkles that were originally there will begin to reappear. 

At what age should I start receiving neurotoxin injections?

In today’s day, neurotoxin injections are being received by individuals of all ages, from millennials all the way to people in their late 60’s. Neurotoxins can be used as a preventative measure by people in their early 20’s to minimize the chance of lines and wrinkles from being “etched” into their skin. If the muscles are treated before fine lines and wrinkles are visible, you will prevent the wear that causes the lines to form in the first place. Others begin receiving injections in their 30’s and 40’s when they begin noticing the signs of aging. Neurotoxins are a great treatment for people of all ages, but the sooner they are started, the greater they are at preventing fine lines and wrinkles from becoming more prominent as the aging process continues.

Today is the perfect time to visit with the Artisans about neurotoxins and if they are right for you.

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