Aesthetician Anna's ARTisan Skin and Laser Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are fast approaching and we have gifts for everyone on your list! Presents focusing on experiences and consumables are becoming more and more popular, and I know that is what I am filling my Christmas list with this year.  Here are my top ten gift recommendations from ARTisan Skin and Laser Center! 

1. Facial A facial is such a treat for you and your skin!  Give the gift of relaxation and skincare.  Every facial includes a neck and shoulder massage, medical grade skin care, and delicious hot towels.  It’s my favorite thing to do - I love pampering our clients!

2. DiamondGlow Our DiamondGlow treatment is one of our most popular services for a reason!  The diamond tip exfoliates the skin, while medical grade SkinMedica serums are infused into the skin.  Your loved one will leave feeling smooth, plumped, and hydrated! 

3. Baby Foot One of our most-purchased items around the holidays is BabyFoot - we even have them pre-wrapped for easy shopping.  This is like a chemical peel for the feet - a couple of weeks after doing BabyFoot the skin peels to reveal baby-soft feet!  For $25, get one for everyone on your list - and don’t forget yourself! 

4. Black Mask Black Mask by Revision Skincare is the medical grade mask I use the most often in my treatment room.  It is a great mask for almost every skin type!  Bentonite and kaolin clays, along with freshwater silt and salicylic acid help to cleanse and purify the skin.  Tea tree, cucumber, and oats provide skin-smoothing benefits.  Do this mask weekly to reveal a polished, smooth complexion.

5. HA5 SkinMedica’s HA5 is a great way to enhance your current skincare routine, especially as we move into colder, dryer weather.  This product is like a tall drink of water for your skin, and has a proprietary mix of 5 types of hyaluronic acid (HA) that smooth and hydrate the skin, and help keep the skin hydrated all day.  Did I mention that it smells amazing and feels like silk? This is a SkinMedica best seller for a reason!

6. The Revision Starter Trial Regimen This comes with half sizes of the best selling Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, C+ Correcting Complex 30%, and Retinol Complete® 0.5.  All are essential skin care items that I recommend to almost every client I see!  The trial regimen is great for someone just getting into skincare, or for the skincare lover who needs travel sizes of their favorite products. 

7. Botox Yes, you can gift botox to someone! If your gift-ee has had Botox before, we can look up what they have received in the past to give you a good estimate of how much they will need on their account.  If it is their first time, we recommended planning on around 30 units ($390).  

8. AIM Membership The gift that keeps on giving!  Our ARTisan Insider Membership (AIM)  would be the perfect gift to treat someone all year long!  For $120/month, your special someone will get a Free DiamondGlow every month, as well as amazing discounts on all our products and services. 

9. Gift Card Have no idea what to get your loved one at ARTisan?  We get it - picking out a treatment or skincare product can be difficult if you don’t know what would work best for them and their skincare goals.  An ARTisan gift card is a great way to treat them without having to choose.  And once they receive their gift, we offer complimentary consultations to help them figure out what to use it on! Stop in to purchase, or you can purchase a gift card through our online store here: 

Click here to purchase gift cards! 

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10. Holiday HALO If your loved one has considered a HALO before, really WOW them with the gift of younger looking, brighter, rejuvenated skin!  HALO is our most popular laser resurfacing treatment and addresses many skin problems and imperfections with less downtime and recovery than other laser treatments. The treatment is especially well-suited for: enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and texture. 


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